• Economic Development/Quality of Life
    • Creating a city more people of all ages want to live, work, and raise a family in.
      • Use public/private partnership as a model for redevelopment throughout targeted neighborhoods in the District of Columbia.
      • Fight to protect basic services, including health centers, temporary housing, and emergency services.
      • Market our strengths citywide.
      • Work with the Chancellor to improve our struggling schools and promote those performing well.
      • Allocate funding to every neighborhood/ civic association to fund things like after-school programs, playgrounds and community gardens.
  • Safety
    • Improving safety standards and promoting public safety.
      • Protect the firefighters and police officers who help keep our City safe.
      • View safety not just in the numbers of officers on our streets, but also the quality of our streets and neighborhoods.
      • Promote and invest in economic development throughout all 8 Wards.
      • Keep our recreation and pools open, giving our children a place to thrive and learn vital skills, such as swimming and team building.
      • Work with MPD to develop a reentry & job training program.
  • Transportation
    • Making transportation a top priority.
      • Increase the usability of our Metro Bus system to make sure people can safely and conveniently get from their home to work, church, and the grocery store.
      • Work towards a fixed rail system that is more efficient and safe for all users
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