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Strong, New, Ethical Leadership for the District of Columbia

 Marc Morgan is a proud Ward 1 resident, ANC Commissioner,  proud father of DJ a 21-yr old US Marine, and a graduate of the District of Columbia Public Schools. Marc is a very active member of the D.C. community, volunteering his time and energy for several community-based organizations, and is an active voice in local DC politics. Marc has been twice elected as President of the LeDroit Park Civic Association, and serves on the Board of Adams Morgan Mainstreet, and DC Black Pride,  as well as host of National Boards.

Marc Morgan serves Ward 1's LeDroit Park Neighborhood as an ANC Commissioner and civic association leader.  He has encouraged small business development, worked on public safety issues, and local sustainability initiatives.  He wants to bring his commitment to leadership across our city.  That's why he's running for D.C. Council At-Large.         



In addition to his work to support and protect the environment and further the educational priorities of the District of Columbia, Marc has also worked in the HIV/AIDS community locally and nationally. He promoted and secured funding for HIV/AIDS services that provided measurable reductions in new infection rates. His work was primarily based around communities of color, and people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Like his the great-grandson of - Garret A. Morgan (inventor of the stop light, gas mask and fire suit) - Marc has innovative ideas to drive the community towards the future, not the past. He is an entrepreneur and small business owner who will fight to bring jobs back to the District of Columbia to propel a better economy, more small business, less crime and better educational choices in all 8 Wards.

Marc is a graduate of Miami University, with a B.A. in Political Science. 


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